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About Us

Welcome to WidEyeGroup

We are primarily a web design & development and internet marketing organization with a focus to helping startups succeed online. We design websites for startups with the need for a small business website design and the need for a professional logo within their given budget. Our team of highly skilled and experienced developers and graphic designers would satisfy your needs by creating a highly responsive, highly functional and a completely optimized website with an easy to navigate interface at half the price of the going market rate and on time. At WidEyeGroup, we don’t just design your website; we’re not a ‘smash and grab’ company that would invade your budget and leave you in the cold. We understand that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not an event but an ongoing process. Therefore we continually provide up-to-date solutions to not only get your website to the top of search engines but also to maintain or improve its position, all within your given budget.  In addition to all these, we also offer video editing services with a professional touch optimized for Youtube views, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing.

Who Are We?

WidEyeGroup is primarily a Web Design & Development organization but we also offer a variety of services including professional logo designing and professional video editing services.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to help start-ups get well positioned on the web by providing them with the best, most professional and the most affordable web designs below the going market price.

What We Do

We Develop, Design, Optimize and Manage your Content to the top of search engines without your company having to break the bank.

Our history

With over 5 years providing web development services, WidEyeGroup has established a track record of cost-effectively delivering constant and timeous high quality products in the tech industry as attested by our clients.

Our 3-D process



We help you define your project needs and help you project details where need be.



Our developers marshal all the tools at our disposal and get to work immediately to design a product suited to your needs.



Our on-time delivery is second to non in the tech industry. We just don’t deliver on time. We also offer after sales service delivery for a guaranteed number of days.

Why choose us?

Best Quality Designs
  1. Our modern web designs come with flexible interfaces that ease navigation and highly optimized pages for Search Engines to drive organic traffic.
  2. We produce professional and creative logo designs that project your corporate image and trumpet your business.
  3. We provide professionally edited videos that customized to your needs.
Negotiable And Budget Friendly Pricing

With WidEyeGroup, you do not need to worry about breaking the bank to get a project done. Give us your budget and we will let you know what’s feasible.

Result Oriented Projects

We do not rest easy until you get the results you desire, no matter the project.

Best ROI Techniques

Get customized projects perfectly suited to the needs of your organization without breaking the bank.

Experienced Professionals

Our experienced professionals apply in-depth industry insights on projects that can eventually help your business grow online.

Projects Completed
Happy Clients